Nike and Samsung join Kout

Two major consumer brands joined Kout the same day - Nike and Samsung. “We are delighted to gain the trust of large consumer brands while still in beta”, CEO commented. “It shows that gamification is starting to be something that brands look at more closely in the e-commerce world. Hopefully their vote of confidence will inspire other brands to join us too”.

As a trial, only a ‘few thousands’ products from the brands inventory has been added, Samuel says. The idea will be to release the entire inventory in early 2017. 

Kout’s performance, as an official reseller of these brands, will be monitored quickly by the brands' account managers. “So far we are still learning about consumer behaviour, and how they interact with different brands in different verticals. Based on their actions and feedback we will assess the next steps, but we are very confident our excellent results will also apply to these trusted, high value brands”.