Kout launches free to play Beta with Amazon

Funded by #1 adtech UK accelerator in early 2016, Kout released today a beta version of their free to play platform, in partnership with Amazon. Customers can search a selection of the Amazon.co.uk inventory, and play for a chance to get discounts on the products - up to 99% off.

“It is great to finally get the product out, CEO Samuel Huber says. We had a slight pivot in the business model earlier this year and since then have been able to sign Amazon. Many other trusted retailers will follow!”.

Samuel expects in the ‘tens of thousands’ of players to join the beta, since it isn’t closed to the public. “We’re just laying low on the marketing while we keep learning about our users”, he says. “The experience isn’t perfect yet, but we’re improving it every day!”.

If you want to be part of the shopping revolution, join today for free at kout.io!