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Kout turns shopping into a game.

We list your products on Kout.io in less than an hour, for free. Each product is given a virtual scratch card, behind which multiple discounts are hidden. Don't worry, we create the discounts ourselves - you aways get paid retail price!

  Example of work for Heineken

Users play for free, for a chance to win discounts.

Discounts range from 2% to 50% off. Winners can buy the discounted product immediately through Kout - and our system forwards the order to you instantly.

We cover the discounts

We become your affiliate and get a fixed % commission for every sale, so our interests are aligned. We bake the discounts into this commission - so you always get a fixed income, regardless of what's being won.

Discounting done right

As behavioural expert we understand why most retailers are wary of discounts. On Kout, players treat their winnings as a fair reward for their time spent on the game – not as vouchers, so you do not devalue your brand. 

We put your customers first

At Kout we abide to strict rules regarding fairness and transparency. We never ever manipulate the outcome of a game to artificially increase your sales. The incentive is genuine - and our players love us for that.

Watch how customers interact with Kout.


Driving results that matter


conversion rate on products through the game - almost 2x industry standard.


of our users come back every day to see the latest offers on your products.


increase in brand Net Promoter Score, in the 30 days after signing up.

* figures are averaged across brands

Building life time value, a day at a time

  Example of work for Philips.

Players only get a limited amount of free clicks per day – but they can come back the next day for more, creating an effect of desire and scarcity.

More than half our registered users come back every single day to hunt for new offers.

Kout gives you an army of brand ambassadors who will interact, spread the word, and ultimately buy from you day-in, day-out.

Shortening the buying cycle

A normal buying cycle can take days - or even weeks, set aside expensive acquisition and retargeting strategies.

We shorten that, with supercharged incentives to build trust quickly, limited time for players to grab the best offers and overall an amazing experience that they will remember - and your brand name is associated to it.

  Example of work for Heineken

Understanding your customers

Through the game, we're collecting hundreds of data points across the buying cycle, and are building user profiles, based on their gaming behaviour. 

No tracking software or analytics matches Kout's level of granularity.

Our machine learning algorithms are then able to predict at what stage of the buying cycle your players are - and optimise the offer needed for them to buy your products.

Your brand. Your game.

To make your game even more engaging, we can completely customise it according to your brand. You can even embed the game on your own website (it's only HTML5).

We find that day to day retention is 26% higher on branded games. It is the best way to further increase engagement.

See a few examples of bespoke games we're working on below.


Kout, at your checkout 

We also provide a free API compatible with Shopify or Magento, to easily integrate the Kout button, so users play without leaving your website.

The Kout extension is a free turn key solution for your e-commerce site whether you want to increase conversion rate, retarget price sensitive users or simply making your shopping more fun!

Designed by industry experts


Samuel Huber, CEO of Kout, gamification speaker and entrepreneur.


Joe Gladstone, Behavioral Science at Yale and Cambridge University.


Yukai Chou, #1 gamification expert in 2015, founder of octalysisgroup.com, author.

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